Dalyan Residence & Suites ; Located on the most beautiful corner of Dalyanköy, Dalyan Suites & Residence offers a unique holiday experience, with a private beach, excuisite food and great accomodation possibilities.

Cesme Castle , Cesme Castle is a more than 500 years old structure, with its famous architecture and museum. It is an essential visit to complete your stay in Cesme with a historic note.

Chios ; Chios is one of the Greek islands that are closest to Turkey. It is famous for the mastique trees growing all around the island, and mastic gum production, as well as beautiful beaches.

Ayayorgi Beach ; At 1 km distance from Cesme center, Ayayorgi is one of the most famous beach locations in the area. During the day, you can enjoy the sun in one of the several beach clubs, whereas at night it becomes a lively entertainment center with famous clubs.

Boat Tours ; The boat tours taking place around the Aegean coastline invite you to discover the magical beauty of the Aegean Sea.

Cesme Museum , Located within the Cesme castle, this museum contains various historic artifacts, cultural objects and workds of art from local and national artists

Pırlanta  Beach; With a nearly 500 metres long sandy beach and crystal clear waters, Pırlanta beach is a favorite in Ciftlikkoy. Due to its particular position, the water is always still.

Ovacik ; Ovacik is famous for its vinyards and wine production, as well as other agricultural lands and its natural beauty.

Altınkum Beach; Only about 10 minutes ride from Cesme center, the 500 meters long and 15 meters wide beach, takes its name from its golden sand

Alacati Surf & Beach ; A must-visit for surf affeccionados, Alacati Surf Center is the best location for training, activities

and parties organized around surf, kite surf and other water sports. There are also various beach clubs for entertainment day and night.

Cesme Bazaar ; Located in the heart of Cesme, close to the Cesme castle, this bazaar is filled with shopping opportunities and new discoveries.

Sifne; Sifne is famous for its natural resources and hot water springs, and is one of the most important cultural and natural heritages of Cesme.



Dalyankoy; As well as being famous for its natural habitat and underwater diversity, it constitutes a natural port for boats, and also has many fish restaurants.

Alacati ; With many restaurants and bars, Alacati constitutes the new heart of night life in Cesme, as well as its unique architecture and hidden beauties.


Germiyan; Germiyan village is the first “slow food” village in Turkey, and is famous for its bread and olives.

Erythrai ; The word Erythrai comes from the Greek word “Erythros” (red) and means “The Red Village” due to its red soil. The historic site and Ildırı village are “must-see”s for your Cesme holiday.

ReisDere; Named after the river that divides the town into two, Reisdere is a village that is formed by immigrants from Rumelia and their relatives. Reisdere is famous for its natural beauty and architecture.

Ilica  Beach; One of the most famous stop overs in Cesme, with almost 2 km of sandy white beach.